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just something i made in Halo CE for fun :D

GameDaily has an interview with writer Stuart Beattie, who is taking Eric Nylund's Halo novel The Fall Of Reach and adapting it into a film script.

Beattie was the writer on Pirates of the Carribbean and G.I. Joe, and wrote a Gears of War script last year.

This is no "coincidence"...maybe if Bungie matures, their key audience will...


What started as another one of those rumors within the span of a day became a confirmed truth: following the release of the upcoming Halo Wars RTS game for the Xbox 360 console, Ensemble Studios, known for the Age of Empires RTS series of games for Windows, will be shuttered. A new studio, like Ensemble part of Microsoft Games Studios, will be formed to support Halo Wars. Employees releated to Halo Wars will be offered spots in the new studio; those currently working on the project have been offered extra incentives to continue working on it through release.



EVERY one if you know were to get the theme for halo for the flute plzz tell me this also goes for all flute players who want it tabs are fine

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Bungie president Harold Ryan tells Variety how to be swallowed by Microsoft and emerge unscathed. Some highlights: thoughts of going independent went back 3-4 years, the preparations went back more than 2 years, and one of the driving reasons was the freedom to work on non-Halo titles.


Sheet music for the beautiful music in Dust And Echoes. It's very easy to play and sounds great on the keyboard(strings).

LVL: 1|[b](2)-(3)[/b]|4|5 Between 2 and 3.

Please comment!

I have "upgraded" the sheet music at 06.05.2010.

If you don't see the link below is it maybe because you're not registed!

IGN's Livewire is currently streaming a Halo Wars demo from E3 - if you're interested, swing by now! Thanks, Urban Reflex.(Louis Wu 19:06:01 +0000)
Bungie's posted a summary of what happened (well, what didn't happen) last night - it includes answers to some of the most common questions thrown around on internet message boards in the past 18 hours. Go read. Thanks, BlueNinja.(Louis Wu 18:56:56 +0000)

One Bungie fan expressed disappointment (and hope) with true eloquence. Give it a read. It's a bright spot in an otherwise dreary morning for friends of Bungie.(Louis Wu 13:57:00 +0000)


Joystiq spoke to Phil Spencer, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios - Spencer answered a question about the lack of a Bungie announcement at E3 with a description of what WAS focused on (first-party games aimed for a holiday release this year). That suggests that Bungie's announcement was postponed because 1) they're no longer a first-party studio, and/or 2) their material is not ready for release this year.

News items from the front page of Halo.Bungie.Org.
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A bit more on the surprise cancellation: Kotaku has a short item that ties the situation to a "high level executive". There are plenty of forum posters out there willing to speculate who that might be. (On the off chance that the Kotaku piece is pulled, here's a screenshot.)(Louis Wu 04:35:04 +0000)


It's a sad, sad day for Bungie fans - swing by for full details. The short version: the announcement many have been waiting for eagerly - a new game, new Halo content, whatever it was going to be - is not going to happen tomorrow. Plans have been changed - no new date is announced.


Hawty McBloggy found a series called 'Feast' - it's horror, Halo style. If you're into that sort of thing - swing by!
(Louis Wu 20:16:30 +0000)