Which Bungie game had the best story?

21% (146 votes)
6% (42 votes)
1% (10 votes)
72% (501 votes)
Total votes: 699
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I'm sorry... anyon who thinks Halo had a better story than Marathon hasn't played Marathon. Halo's story was good, yes, but nothing compares to Marathon.

No story in the history of Video games could compare to how deep Marathon is. Though in theory Halo can be considered an extension of Marathon (depending on you your talking to. Like me.) Halo has not shown yet the deep plots of Marathon.

Added: lol, i've never even played marathon but thanks to Hamish i know the story and all the theories like the back of my hand. Well... Maybe. With Bungie you never know...

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If you thought Halo had a deep storyline, try Marathon. Go to source.bungie.org to get a copy. It blows freakin' doom outta the water anyday.

Personally, I like the Halo story line ALOT, but then again, Ive never played Marathon(or any other Bungie game). If you read the books and go back and play the game a few more times you really see how great the Halo story is.

Halo has a fantastic storyline, but as we're yet to see what becomes of it, the Marathon trilogy still gets the kudos from me. The Halo storyline is very similar in significant ways to the Marathon story which preceeded it - ancient races of supersentient beings and all - and I think Marathon is still the original and the best. Unless and until Halo tops it (and I hope it does), Marathon is the classic.

I'm sure this has been mentioned before but there is every reason to believe (and in fact is clear to people who have played both) that Halo was probably, in concept, supposed to be Marathon 3, or more acurrately, Marathon 0.
Of course to some people this needs an explanation. Aside from the often cited Marathon symbol showing up everywhere in Halo (on uniforms, the opening screen, etc...) there are the weapons. The assualt rifle, while missing grenade launcher, looks and works like the one in Marathon. In fact it has a designation putting it in the same family (i.e. Marathon: MA-75, and MA-75B, Halo: MA5B). The rocket launcher in Marathon is a dead ringer for the one in Halo as well with it's over under design (try looking at screen shots of both). The same goes for the pistol.
There are also a number of other similarities (helpful and insane a.i.'s, groups of alien species working to kill you, etc...) but for the purposes of brevity I'll get to the clinching point for me. In Halo you are wearing, MJOLNIR battle armor, while in Marathon it's you are a Mjolnir Mark IV cyborg. Why mark IV? Marathon is set almost 200 years after Halo. That also helps explaing why the Marathon gun has the grenade launcher and the Halo gun doesn't (and why the Marathon shotguns are so much more fun than the Halo version).
Unfortuately, I don't think Halo has topped the Marathon trilogy for story (yet) though.


looks like most ppl here do not know marathon. Halo's storyline is not bad at all but i've never seen any game with a story even close to marathon.
everyone go get marathon, play through it and THEN vote...

What About the Myth series? although it didnt have as deep a storyline as Marathon did, I still gotta give it props for being so great. Bungie will never die with high class games as its making! check out myth as well as marathon, us mac gamers know whats up.

I agree. I think if Marathon were not on the list, I might well have voted for Myth's story over Halo's. But again, on the basis of only one Halo game, it's hard to tell.

Myth's story, I think, suffered less from any of its own faults than from the fact that it goes over such well-traveled territory.

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When you throw Myth into the mix the whole thing changes. Myth was a superbly *polished* storyline. In Marathon, since it's a trilogy, you can see how each one was kind of made to fit with the previous game (e.g. The Lost Packets). In Myth and Myth 2 (I refuse to consider Myth 3), everything locks into place just beautifully. The fact that Myth offered some of the things we craved in marathon re: gui, e.g. scrolling pages of text, character descriptions that offered hints, narration in game, the easter eggs hidden throughout, it bridged the best of both worlds. If I had to guess I'd say that Halo's bible and Myth's bible are about the same in depth and scope, however Myth the game was better suited to let us peek into the whole thing. Halo's game does not. (so far)

As far as mind-bending story, Marathon wins, but that wasn't the question in this poll. :)

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p.s. There's no doubt in my mind Halo won because it's the most popular and current game out there.

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