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Round 2 of the Abandoned Base bracket has Halo up against the first true 3d shooter, Id Software's Quake. Can the Master Chief avenge the humiliating defeat handed to his favorite-yet-unnamed security guard by the famously-unnamed Doom Marine? Only time will tell. However, right now, with 6060 votes in, Halo leads Quake 3187 to 2873.


Halo and Halo 2 are in two polls right now; one pits Halo 2 against other upcoming Xbox games at XboxNation, who are asking what the most-wanted new game is. Halo 2 is currently romping with over 800 votes, with only Fable and Full Spectrum Warrior breaking 100.


Hot on the heels of our last poll (still open) which asked which Bungie game had the best story: Halo, Marathon, Oni or Myth, the latest post at Penny Arcade begs the question about what the role for plotline is in games, anyway.

21% (146 votes)
6% (42 votes)
1% (10 votes)
72% (501 votes)
Total votes: 699
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Let's show the gaming world that Marathon fans still know how to smash a poll like in the old days. A GameSpy Title Fight match is on now between two old school 2.5D shooters: Id Software's Doom and Bungie's Marathon. Right now Doom is way ahead, so Bungie needs your help to keep its reputation for being next in line for world domination.

9% (47 votes)
34% (173 votes)
56% (282 votes)
Total votes: 502
Taxonomy upgrade extras: has their poll on what your favorite Halo fansite is back up, this time with IP and cookie blocking to prevent multiple votes. As expected, with the new restrictions in place, HBO is far and away in the lead.

Yes, I won't buy one unless it is.
51% (813 votes)
Good idea, but not that important.
39% (623 votes)
Nope, doesn't matter at all.
5% (78 votes)
I'm buying a PlayStation 3 instead.
4% (69 votes)
Total votes: 1583
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Pete at Subnova asks why you haven't bought Halo for your Mac or PC. Right now the leading response is "I did get it you insensitive clod." No CowboyNeals were harmed in the making of this survey.


Okay, the results from the last poll are crystal clear: most of you either don't know or don't give a damn about kill-in-order slayer games. Which means it's time for a new poll.


SketchFactor dropped onto the HBO forum to ask what people think about Kill-In-Order variations of the Slayer game type, where in order to score you have to kill players in a specific orders. Louis Wu at HBO writes that their own server has a variation on this type where all players are invisible. How about that for frustrating.


Microsoft is running a survey about the Xbox Live service-- what you like, what you don't like, what you play, etc etc. Technically it's attached to a 2-month free trial offer, but I'm sure they won't mind hearing from you if you're a subscriber already.There are plenty of places to fill in "other" under reasons why you're going to subscribe, or have already. Feel free to put in "Halo 2" someplace.


SketchFactor has also pointed out the Ultimate Video Game Countdown over at MTV. Make sure the right game wins.

Yeah, sure!
51% (98 votes)
Only if it talks.
33% (63 votes)
What for?
16% (30 votes)
Total votes: 191
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Yes, of course!
58% (23 votes)
Maybe, to go with my Xbox and PC copies.
13% (5 votes)
Nope... two years too late.
30% (12 votes)
Total votes: 40
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