i know somthing u dnt know

yer so me and my m8 were real gd on halo every time we play we figure out a hack this is our best:

pelican gun ????
or wheel ?????

on the second level when the pelican gets marines stand under it when it lowers you should see a lump fromm difffernt angles it looks like a gun and other angles it a wheel

my m8s name on this is mmall06

thanx guys plz reply


hey this cheat allows you to be invinceable.
when you collect an over-shield it takes about 4 seconds for it to go up, at that very moment in time you are invinceable YES !!!!!!
you can try grinage jumping with it and get really high and try it with a warthog, just park it next to a over shield do the grinage jump to the warthog and then grab the over shield and jump in the warthog you have to time it just right.
i will be makeing a movie on it soon so stick around for it !!!!!!!!!!
OHHHH yer one more thing.