Losing Traction

With the Iron skull on, you should avoid letting marines drive at all costs. However, even then you can still end up having a highway mishap. In this case, a close call with a banshee bolt propelled me too close to the edge to recover. As this was just before the Scarab was due to appear, it meant going back to restart the level after getting more than two thirds of the way through.

Check Engine Light On

A Grunt checks his instrument panel as the Chief prepares to plant a plasma sticky on the front of his ride. This was during an Iron skull run, and rather than try to board the Ghost, or use a plasma pistol to disable the vehicle then kill the pilot, I went for the safer-- and more satisfyingly destructive-- approach.

Catch Skull: Pull pin. Count to three. Throw.

The Catch skull is on the level [b] The Storm. [/b] The effect is it makes EVERYTHING get more grenades. When I mean everything, I mean everything. One day while I was playing I had a flood throw a sticky at me. A STICKY+FLOOD=ldjfhglisudgbslbv

[i][b]ADMIN NOTE:[/b] I've never seen Flood throw grenades, even on Cortana on legendary with the Catch skull on, so I'm not actually sure this is possible.[/i]

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