I have had a couple requests by email to post the revised version of Siege of Madrigal. The only BIG difference is that I have included parts for voice instead of flute. Note: You can change the instrument's sound and volume by clicking on window and then instrument list. Select pan for volume control. If you dont have Finale Notepad 2009 then use this link to find out how to get it:



halo main theme arrangement

I need to make a band arrangement for my band class to play and its worth a lot of band mark so if anybody can transpose the song.Id appreciated very much.

I just need 8 bars of the halo main theme for these instrument

flute, Clarinet,alto sax,b.sax,french horn,tuba,bass guitar,xylophone/guitar,percussion,bar.tc,trumpet.1,trumpet.2

If anyone did it they can send me through this hotmail iviet@hotmail.com

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and the way we gooooooooo :D

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Sentinels teamed with the Chief in a Scorpion :)

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the Wraith stuck in this pose :D

a sentinel stuck on the other side of the glass wall XD

just a wierd thing i discovered :O

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don't even think about stealing it :P

the survivors on this level

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just a right timed screenshot :)

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i was just messing around with the camera when i saw this at the end of the video o.o
and the reason why it looks like this is that the Chief was pulling out the memory chip from his helmet not because my graphic sucks :P

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well i was on AotCR and this elite did not shoot at me not even the AI bots on the tank (i must mention that this elite had an active camo)

same map same vehicle this time i'm the host and the original color of this beauty is green :)

me and the Chief kicking some Covenant ass :D

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driving a badass vehicle :D