That Ought To Pay For Some Nightmare Armor

According to Kotaku, Variety is reporting that Peter Jackson's take on the Halo movie as Executive Producer is seven figures (that's at least a million bucks) advance against points. Anything less would be... well, less Bungie-like. (I agree with recent comments that 'you don't just buy Peter Jackson', but I assume that if you could, seven figures would be enough--Ed.)



According to the latest Wired, his take on the King Kong flick was $20 million against 20% - the guy's in pretty high demand, it seems, and will be until something tanks. I'm really hoping it's not Halo. :)

Same here.

Lucky for all involved that PJ's price for being executive producer turns out to be lower than for directing.

So even if the studios don't think much more of this than "just another videogame adaptation" hopefully Jackson's care for the story as a fan will carry it through.

Wonder what his gamertag is...

Rampant for over six years.