Every so often readers have some trouble obtaining access to the sheet music files on Rampancy.net. Below is a short tutorial to help you out.

The short answer is that these files are freely available to anyone. All I ask in return is that you register an account first. Registration is free. I don't give out your email address to anyone, and the site will not mail you anything unless you ask.


Go to:


Before you can download you must have an account. The only two essential requirements for registration are to pick a username and submit a valid email address. Again, I don't give email addresses of readers out, and the site only sends you emails if you specifically ask for it.

You must use a real, valid email address and not a one-time use address. This email address is used first to verify your account, and later for password recovery if needed. If you use a one-time address and forget your password you will not be able to recover it. If a confirmation mail or password reset mail bounces back to the server as undeliverable, the account will be disabled.


When your registration is complete, the site will send you an email message, from news@rampancy.net to the email address you used during registration. It contains a special confirmation link you need to click in order to complete the registration process.

It should arrive within only a few minutes of registration. If it does not arrive, check your spam folder-- some spam filtering software will mistake the message for junk mail.

If you still don't get the confirmation message, send me email at narcogen@rampancy.net from the email address you used during registration and I will sort out your account.


Once you've registered and confirmed your account, check the top-most box in the lefthand column of rampancy.net. If it displays your username there and a link to "log out" then you are logged into the site.

If it displays "register/login" there, click the link and provide your username and password when prompted.

Find Sheet Music

All of Rampancy's sheet music files are submitted by readers. The main sheet music page can be searched and sorted by many criteria, but is divided up into three major categories, for the three major series of Bungie developed games: Marathon, Myth and Halo. Most of the sheet music is in the Halo section.

Once you've found a piece you want to download from the list, click its title in the list to open up the complete entry. You should see the piece's title and transcriber, a description, and then a block with links to attached files.

For the sake of argument, let's take this one, Devin's transcription of A Walk in the Woods from Halo 1:


Downloading Files

Some entries have several files attached. Others have .zip archives that contain several files. Some entries have music in files readable only by specialized sheet music programs such as PrintMusic. Others available in Portable Document Format (PDF) readable in Adobe Reader, free from http://www.adobe.com or in the Preview program that ships in Mac OS X.

Rampancy.net depends on fans who transcribe music. I'm unable to convert files into different formats because I don't have access to these specialized programs. In other words, what you see is what we have.

Click the link for the desired file(s) and the download should start.

Problems Dowloading

It's possible that there may have been a problem in registering or confirming your account, or in the login process, so that when you arrive at the page for the piece of sheet music you want, you are unable to download.

If you see the following message in place of a download link:

As with the other music pages, register and login to download.

it means that you are not logged in. If you have registered already, look at the topmost block in the left-hand column. If you are logged in, your username and a "log out" link should appear there. If not, you'll see a link to register/login. Click that and enter your username and password when prompted.

If you are logged in, but do not see the download links where they should be, the most likely problem is that your account was registered, but not confirmed. Check your email box again for the message with the confirmation link and click it to confirm your account registration.

If you did not get a confirmation link, then email me at narcogen@rampancy.net from the email account that you registered your account to. Tell me the username you registered and I will activate your account.



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What do the types of accounts mean? Will they filter the music i can download or what?

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I'm asking the same thing... what is used for ?

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[quote=Anonymous]I'm asking the same thing... what is used for ?[/quote]

Hosting these files takes resources: space, bandwidth, etc. Spiders looking for places to submit spam will click any link I give them and don't obey robots.txt, so access to download links has to be only for people I know are actually people: in other words, people who register an account with a real email address. That's all.

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Rampant for over se7en years.