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Halo Main Theme Music Transcription Devin 115,272
A Walk in the Woods Devin 82,820
Halo 2 Main Theme For Violin Spartan182 78,394
Halo Main Theme (Monk Theme) Jonathan Churchill 73,745
Halo Theme Guitar Tab XvShadow 68,052
Halo 3 Announcement Trailer Piano Solo Spartan182 67,194
One Final Effort - Piano Jonathan Churchill 53,900

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Winter Contingency Revised roddypatooty 5
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Marathon Sheet Music

Sheet music for Bungie games, as transcribed by fans. So far we have sheet music from Halo, Myth and Marathon.

If you're interested in sheet music you may find these of interest:

The original music from Bungie games Myth and Halo was written by Marty O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.

Titlesort icon Transcriber Post date Games completed_request
Chomber dalekbob 07.03.12 marathon
Fat Man (remixed) Devin 03.14.07 marathon
Flippant Pengy 04.05.10 marathon
New Pacific (Reprise) dalekbob 07.03.12 marathon
Splash (Marathon) Pengy 05.27.10 marathon