Halo 4 Sample Music

This is a transcription of the Halo 4 soundtrack sample that 343 Industries released on their website a while back. The sample contains two songs (parts of two songs?) of which I transcribed the first part. The epic part. I have a PDF file of the sheet music, as well as the .mus file, and an .mp3. Enjoy =).

Also, does this song have a name?

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Re: Halo 4 Sample Music

If you want, you could always use this playlist for reference:
It's constantly being updated as song names are revealed through 343 staff twitter, or new attribute are added.

Keep up the great work!

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Re: Halo 4 Sample Music

this was so hard to learn by ear at the end part when percs go louder but so easy at the beginning.The name is arrival and the french horn solo at the end is missing its really easy actually

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