Warthog Madness...

im sure u have all seen the warthog jump, and guess what, i kno its old, and everyone has learned to do it.
but recently, i saw on halo.bungie.org a new event,
can ne1 please tell me how to jump high off the warthog in motion?
and any other cool vehicle tricks?



The first, and probably easiest of the two main tricks is when one gunner is in bac, and a driver in front. have the driver drive perfectly straight, and the gunner straight back. If all works correctly, the gunner should go sky-high and foreward a bit, great for getting on enemy base in BG. the other is when u go off a hill and swing the back around so that when u get out the back comes and smacks u foreward and the hill gives u height. hope that helps,

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Didn't know about those. But I've only begun playing much online.

Btw, poop, you might want to try uploading your avatar again-- in there for some reason I see a path on your local computer and not the image.

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Can you better explain how to be launched up/out of the warthog (i.e. to get on enemy base)