marketing Channel Update July 2015

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Rampancy Channel Update July 2015

Just a quick update video showing what will be going up on the channel this week, and also a news item-- we'll be on vacation starting Thursday, July 9. Videos will resume on July 27.

Halo MWNY Comparison

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Halo MWNY Comparison

Since Marty O'Donnell just posted a version of the Halo MWNY trailer from 1999, (view it here: ) I thought I'd splice together a side-by-side comparison of that version and the one from Bungie's own YouTube channel, which I remember as being the version actually shown to the MWNY audience and captured in multiple shakycam videos.

Bungie's version is on the left; Marty O'Donnell's version is on the right.

These appears to be slightly different performances of basically the same demo, but when you sync the two copies to the music, some of the edits aren't in the exact same place, and there are a few segments that are slightly different.

There's a graphical glitch in Marty's version when the Spartan first emerges into the outdoors-- some of the polygons that make up the tunnel walls become transparent briefly. There's also a different camera angle that shows multiple flying objects over the water. These appeared briefly in the official version and were never positively identified; perhaps they were an element removed from the game before release?

Finally, the Bungie flag at the end of Marty's version has a glowing Apple logo on top of it.

You can see one of the actual shakycam videos of the trailer as shown to the MacWorld crowd here:

Jason Jones Talks Destiny

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Official Gameplay Experience

Jason Jones tells you everything you need to know about Destiny (almost) while also showing off a few new character designs, environments, enemies, and map locations. There's a shot of a Venus map, and a location in the overview map called "the reef" which I'm guessing is the asteroid belt.

E3 2014 Destiny Trailer "New Beginnings"

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New Beginnings Destiny Trailer

Bungie put out a new Destiny trailer for E3 2014 that lays out the game's premise in a pretty straightforward way and also shows off a bit of gameplay.

UPDATE: The audio in this version is messed up. A replacement is uploading, and when it's done, I'll replace the embedded version here with the new one.

UPDATE 2: This version should have the fixed commentary audio.

New Beginnings

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New Beginnings (E3 2014)

A good mix of both gameplay and some additional story in Bungie's "New Beginnings" trailer for E3 2014.

Also the first time I think I've seen it explicitly stated (by Peter Dinklage's voiceover here) what I've suspected for awhile here-- that the Traveler was the cause of both humanity's lost golden age and its downfall, and the enemies we face are the enemies of the Traveler, not necessarily the enemies of humanity.

Still, that might not ever become relevant, but it is something I've been thinking about for awhile.

ASE Ep. 62: Destiny Trailer, The Moon

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Destiny Trailer The Moon

Quickly on the heels of the rumors of a Destiny Beta next year, Bungie resurrects the podcast, releases another trailer, confirms that Beta access will come to all Destiny preorders with participating retailers, and says goodbye to veteran scribe Joe Staten.

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Destiny Community Thank You

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Destiny Community Thank You

Destiny pulled in quite a few awards at Gamescom in Germany this year. You can see some of those highlighted here, as well as footage of locations we haven't seen before.

Out Here In The Wild

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This Destiny ViDoc was released for GamesCom in August, 2013. Most of the footage and locations still comes from the E3 demo, and the footage that doesn't features locations that have mostly been shown in screenshots, but there are a few new tidbits here and there, including new enemies and weapons.

First Live Action Trailer For Bungie's Destiny

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The Law of the Jungle

This "live action" trailer for Destiny promotes the first gameplay reveal coming up at E3, as well as emphasizing how central cooperative play is to Bungie's new game... "the power of the pack is the wolf, and the power of the wolf is the pack."

Actor Giancarlo Esposito ("Gus" from Breaking Bad") here plays a character seemingly telling a bedtime story about the Guardians. Perhaps he'll have a voice role in the game itself?

Destiny Concept Art Slideshow

The first sixteen concept art images from Destiny, set to the track "Eighth" by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, released as a reward for completion of the alpha lupi ARG.

Halo: Anniversary Exclusive

Halo Anniversary Exclusive

The crew of 343 Industries takes the wraps off their first full scale Halo project, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.

Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary E3 2011 Debut Trailer

Halo Anniversary E3 2011 Trailer

First trailer for the new remake of Halo 1: Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, which looks to be a recreation of the first game using a modern engine, with full networking features and the original game's gameplay (including the pistol).

Halo Announcement Trailer, MacWorld New York 1999

Halo Announcement Trailer MWNY99

Apple's Steve Jobs introduces Bungie's Jason Jones at the MacWorld Expo in New York in 1999 to demonstrate Bungie's next game: Halo, running in real time, in OpenGL, on a Macintosh. A year later and Bungie's Halo title would be transformed by Microsoft's acquisition of the formerly-independent developer into a launch title for the Xbox console, launching the franchise that propelled the company into the #2 spot in console gaming across ten years and two hardware generations, first narrowly edging out Nintendo in its hard-luck GameCube years, and then soundly trouncing industry-leading Sony with a year's head start over the expensive, difficult-to-develop-for PlayStation 3.

And it all started then, in New York, on the Mac.

Thanks for this particular recording goes to GranitW who also provided annotations.

There are other versions of this trailer that are much higher quality as they are direct feeds from the demo; there are also shakeycam versions of the event that include the crowd reaction. I think those are even more impressive because you can hear the crowd gasp when the Spartan moves into the open, revealing the water and the Warthog, and again when the reflections on the surface of the Ghost are shown.

While Halo certainly did not ship in early 2000 on the Mac, as Jobs said it would, it is interesting to note how many art assets appear so close to their final forms even though the game itself would change radically in the next 2.5 years. Warthogs, Ghosts, and Banshees all appear here in very recognizable forms. The map room is recognizable in concept if not in details. Most altered are the Spartan and Elite models, as well as the Halo interior and exterior textures.

Also in near-final form is the iconic Halo theme by Marty O'Donnell which provides the backbone for this demo.

Hail to the Chimp Trailer

Trailer for Wideload's upcoming console party game, Hail to the Chimp, due out in 2008.



Somewhat controversial ad that places the Halo storyline in a more life-like context; a documentary excerpt from humanity's future.

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