Rampancy Channel Update November 2015

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Rampancy Channel Update Nov 2015
Narcogen and Blackstar talk about returning to a normal post-Taken King schedule and the games we'll be playing.

Jason Jones Talks Destiny

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Official Gameplay Experience

Jason Jones tells you everything you need to know about Destiny (almost) while also showing off a few new character designs, environments, enemies, and map locations. There's a shot of a Venus map, and a location in the overview map called "the reef" which I'm guessing is the asteroid belt.

E3 2014 Destiny Trailer "New Beginnings"

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New Beginnings Destiny Trailer

Bungie put out a new Destiny trailer for E3 2014 that lays out the game's premise in a pretty straightforward way and also shows off a bit of gameplay.

UPDATE: The audio in this version is messed up. A replacement is uploading, and when it's done, I'll replace the embedded version here with the new one.

UPDATE 2: This version should have the fixed commentary audio.

New Beginnings

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New Beginnings (E3 2014)

A good mix of both gameplay and some additional story in Bungie's "New Beginnings" trailer for E3 2014.

Also the first time I think I've seen it explicitly stated (by Peter Dinklage's voiceover here) what I've suspected for awhile here-- that the Traveler was the cause of both humanity's lost golden age and its downfall, and the enemies we face are the enemies of the Traveler, not necessarily the enemies of humanity.

Still, that might not ever become relevant, but it is something I've been thinking about for awhile.

ASE Ep. 91 Marathon 2 Highlights: Requiem for a Sequel

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ASE 91 Marathon 2 Highlights

Here are combat-centric highlights of our Let's Play of Marathon 2, edited and compressed down to about 16 minutes and set to selections from W. A. Mozart's Requiem mass, as performed by the Bezdin Ensemble.

Introitus - Requiem Aeterna
Sequenz - Dies Irae
Sequenz - Confutatis Maledictis
Kyrie Eleison
Sequenz - Rex Tremendae Majestatis
Communio - Lux Aeterna

Tracks used under Creative Commons by-nc-sa license.

For Montage Apply Within

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Get W'rkt

Today on MyChemicalBromance's YouTube channel there's a new musical montage of multiplayer mayhem called Get W'rkt. It features footage from multiplayer games played by the group For Carnage Apply Within. Footage is included from this month's games in Marathon Infinity multiplayer using Aleph One, Myth II, and Halo Custom Edition on PC. Some nice stuff there, take a look-- and if you want to find some classic Bungie multiplayer games on the 'net, For Carnage Apply Within. Of course.

The 10th Warrior

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The 10th Warrior

Note by Recon54:

"by: Bryan "Brymen" Mendoza

A film homage to Marathon netplay, featuring the music of Underworld ("Cowgirl") coupled with rapidfire editing of net films, chapter screens and other artwork.

Remember, this is years before any Halo montages."

The title is in reference to the "security officer" protagonist of Bungie's Marathon series, who is the 10th and "missing" military cyborg.

Destiny Concept Art Slideshow

The first sixteen concept art images from Destiny, set to the track "Eighth" by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, released as a reward for completion of the alpha lupi ARG.

Marathon Montage

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Marathon Montage

Macsrule123 has a series of various Marathon movies on his page:

Stubbs the Zombie - Montage

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Stubbs the Zombie - Montage

YouTube user timerider4 has a series of YouTube videos up on Stubbs the Zombie gameplay. Since the partial video walkthrough we were hosting before seems to have gone missing, I've substituted these videos.

Halo 2 Montage - Devin

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Halo 2 Montage - Devin

Halo 2 gameplay montage by DevinOlsen, rescued and uploaded by him to YouTube.

Devin Olsen Montage - Larger Than Life

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Devin Olsen Montage - Larger Than L

Another classic Halo montage by DevinOlsen, rescued and uploaded to YouTube.

Trickity Trick 6

DevinOlsen, goatrope, jayWHY, and EA demonstrate that with the right settings it's possible to get through any soft elastic barrier on Halo 3 in the latest in the Trickity Trick series.

Trickity Trick Five

First film in the Trickity Trick series using Halo 3, by Devin Olsen.

Betalicious by MrJukes

MrJukes' excellent montage of footage from the multiplayer beta of Halo 3.

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