News Summary For September 18 will reboot tomorrow with new features enabled. TeamXbox has an interview with's development lead, Chris Gossett, about the new features.

IGN has previewed one of Halo 3's previously unrevealed multiplayer maps: Isolation.

Tyson "Ferrex" Green has put up part two of his three-part series on Forge; this one is on advanced features like inventories, budgets, and quotas. If you missed part one, read that first.

Midnight at The Hushed Casket wonders if Halo 3 can overturn Halo 2's sales records.

Kikizo interviews Harter Ryan of Ensemble Studios about the secrecy surrounding Halo Wars' early development.

A midnight London launch of Halo 3 won't be permitted on Oxford Street, but will be... apparently just about everywhere else.

Major Nelson has a rundown of Halo 3 Launch Events on his blog.

PlanetXbox has details on Circuit City's Halo 3 launch plans.