The First Hour And Beyond

More or less at random I happened upon The First Hour blog, which reviews only the first hour of a video game. Game #12, reviewed back in September 2007 (just in time for Halo 3 to come out) was the original Halo.

As an extension to that blog, Beyond The First Hour reviews games after they are finished, and that blog features a review of Halo 3. No love for Halo 2 apparently, but that's par for the course now, isn't it?

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Re: The First Hour And Beyond

Hey, I'm the author of the review sites and just wanted to thank you guys for linking me! I really loved the Halo series but my favorite in the series definitely has to be the original. I would easily give the first one a 10 out of 10 overall, awesome game. I can't say I love Halo 2 but I enjoyed the multiplayer much more than the single player, and I do plan to do a first hour review of it sometime, but I lost my game disc a few years back. I actually have a first hour review of Halo 3 written but am just deciding if I want to review Halo 2 first.

Thanks again, and head on over there to request game reviews and such. I'm taking a break from reviewing right now but plan to be back shortly with a totally relaunched site at

Until then, keep playing Halo I guess!

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Re: The First Hour And Beyond

Thanks for reading, and linking was my pleasure. I read about half the reviews on the site in the day or two after I found it.

Looking forward to reviews of H2 and H3.

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