The Ark



Cowbell Skull

Cowbell Skull, The Ark, Halo 3

The Cowbell skull makes all explosions bigger. It's the third silver skull.

Famine Skull: Trust Us, Bring A Magazine

Famine Skull, The Ark, Halo 3

This skull is found on The Ark. The effect of this skull is it makes weapons that enemies drop, have half ammo. So for instance, say you pick up a beam rifle that you got from killing a jackal. It usually has close to 88 charge right? Well now if you're lucky it'll have 41 charge. Makes the search for weapons longer however it gives you a 2x multiplier on campaign scoring. Anyways, onto finding the skull.

Terminals For Halo 3

First terminal in Halo 3.

First I'll start with the background info on these. There are 7 terminals and all of them are located on The Ark, The Covenant, and Halo. To get the achievement for getting all the terminals you have to read through the message until the terminal says, "FRAGMENT ENDS" except for two occations where it says "[35:52:75:63:64] xx01-83-244.53" and the other is "ALL RECORDS CEASE" The Achievement you get is "Marathon Man" and I think it gives you the security armor shoulder. The Security armor is actually just a remake of the armor the main character wears in an earlier Bungie game, "Marathon". I also here there is another terminal however I haven't bothered to look. Sorry. Anyways on to the terminals.

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