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A mysterious visitor in our forum, MoBill, dropped a note in our forum about an E3 Preview at Daily Radar. It includes the following information on Halo:


As posted at Marathon's Story, Millenium Mac Games is running a poll asking which was the best Bungie game ever made. And with the push from the Marathon addicts among us, Marathon 2 is in the lead with... 3 votes? Chimera is only two votes away... hee hee.

Cast your vote, folks, and flesh this thing out a wee bit. Never hurts to crush a poll every now and then, even if all of the options are equally righteous (okay, except possibly Weekend Warrior ;).


Seen first at Marathon's Story was a teaser from Bungie.Net:


Bungiefen attending the Mac World Expo in New York this coming July are going to have a special treat. Here's the huge PR we received from Freewill:

You may remember me as the organizer of the Bungie/Myth Fan Gatherings. They were a blast! If you attended, I applaud you because it would not have been a success without your participation.

However, I've always felt that one very important key ingredient was missing:


Precious little to report today. In fact, in bouncing around the sites, I find nothing at all. Sigh, it's a quiet day when you can't even borrow news from your fellows...

Hmm... a link of the day, then. If you're new to the whole Bungie cult thing, you're likely aware of Myth and Marathon by now. However, there's another game that precedes both of those, an insidiously challenging first person action/puzzle game called Pathways into Darkness.


Roger Wilco, a popular voice communication program in the PC community which is often used to gain a significant advantage in multiplayer games, is now available in an alpha version for the Mac. CyberBob pointed out that some Bungie games are listed in the compatibility testing chart at the Roger Wilco site: all Marathon games, both Myth games, Oni and Halo.


Straying off our beaten path and onto another, I happened upon an editorial at the Townhall written up by fellow Myth veteran HWEDung. An interesting read in its own right, it attracted a response from Bungie's Webmonkey Yeroen suggesting a brighter future for Bungie fans:


At risk of being tabloidishly (that isn't a word, but it will do) concerned with the comings and goings of someone, Freewill pointed out that Myth community leader Butcher is likely bound for Bungie West, based on a few comments made by Alex Okita. Best of luck in San Jose, Butcher!

Next week, webcam pictures that reveal the sordid details of Bungie East's weekly milk delivery , and we blow the lid off the bat boy scandal. Stay tuned. ;)


Two of the Pax Nimbus, SiliconDream and DeusExMachina, made it to MWSF and to the Gathering of Fans on Wednesday the 5th. Despite great hardship - including Silly's damaged camcorder, problems converting the video to QT format and pizza-bloat - they managed to film a number of things, convert it to QuickTime format and hand it off to me so that I could share it with the rest of you.