Xbox Games Will Need 'Recompilation' For Xbox 360 is reporting that Microsoft says Xbox games will need to be recompiled to work with Xbox 360. This would seem to indicate-- although it is not yet clear-- that even your old games will have to be repurchased in order to run-- unless the console can recompile it by itself, which seems extremely unlikely. Not good news for those banking on this feature. Thanks 3Suns, who linked to this in the HBO forum.

UPDATE: I'm retagging this as a rumor. Major Nelson has already busted it. Move along, nothing to see here.



Ugh. GamesIndustry.Biz, I just noticed, still has their original story up:

All they did was ADD the comment that you don't need to repurchase games. The headline is the same, and it still contains all the stuff about "recompiling". This makes no sense UNLESS what the Xbox 360 is doing is copying the executable code from the DVD, recompiling it locally, and running it from the HD. And unless it stores that recompiled code-- it'd be doing that every time you load an old game. (Running the executable off the HD poses some security risks, especially for XBL-enabled games).

There is still something fishy here. Either someone is using the term "recompilation" in the context of "software emulation" in a way that is not usual, or else the full story on this still isn't out. Or GI.Biz is full of it.

Yeah, maybe that's it.


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