Anger, Sadness and Envy Episode 16: Reach Beta Video

Blackstar, Miguel Chavez and Cody Miller take a look at the Halo: Reach Multiplayer Beta in this video installment of Anger, Sadness & Envy.

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Excellent report. I especially liked the snappiness, which was in stark and refreshing contrast to previous podcasts. Did Narcogen put something in your coffee maybe? But let's get down to business. Campaign is still my main concern but it was interesting to get a look at some of the weapons and so forth, and I particularly appreciated Cody's tactical comments, starting with the stuff about reticles. How much of this will transfer to campaign I don't know. That plasma launcher is one crazy-looking beast hey? But it seems wrong that the armour lock can prevent you dying when tagged. A bit extreme wouldn't you say? Course, Bungie could end up adjusting that if they think it's going too far. Those armour abilities all look interesting, but I can see how sprint could be the favourite. How come you guys didn't cover the needle rifle, plasma repeater and plasma pistol? I did at least spot the needle rifle being used near the end though, and briefly a plasma pistol. Where was all that footage from? Just some stuff Bungie released? Anyway I hope Narcogen gets well soon. And keeps putting stuff in your coffee.

Thanks, glad you liked it. We wanted to go quick and dirty this time out. We had covered all the weapons but in editing Cody tightened it up even more. I'm sure the gang will bring all the juicy details to light in future pieces and maybe even some things we talked about but did not release in this one. Since REACH will pretty much occupy every Halo fan for some time, there will be time I'm sure. ;) In actual gameplay, I do tend to notice a great many players using Armor Lock and the sad part if they seem to be triggering it at the first sign of being under attack or naded. Which sadly means to have to sit there for 10 agonizing flow breaking seconds to either wait for them to finish to attack them again (and prey you yourself are not attacked/killed in the process) or give up on the target and move on. :P Can't say it's my favorite ability. Not sure if any of the multiplayer we've seen will translate to Campaign, which I also am really only looking forward to myself.

We'll see about more coffee in the future.

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Your complaint about armor lock puts me in mind of the bubble shield. I strongly disliked the presence of that in campaign because Brutes would plonk it down and basically all it did was hold things up for a tedious while (e.g. in the motor pool in Crow's Nest). It may have looked funky, and I occasionally used one in tackling enemy vehicles on foot, but overall it detracted from gameplay enjoyment. Actually, another bad thing it did was highlight the idiocy of Brutes, because they often just wandered straight out of the bubble after deploying it. I really hope I don't see those shields again in Reach. As for multiplayer and armor lock, I wonder if you have any suggestions for how things could be tweaked for the better. I imagine this may be a concern for a lot of folk.

I can't think of any suggestions off the top of my head of how to fix it, there are so many plusses and minuses in using and and being faced with it I really don't have a direct recommendation at this time. Maybe after I have more games racked up I might. Agree with you on the bubble-shield. In the Halo 3 TV ad where you see it deployed by the Chief to save himself from a mortar tank attack it seemed to have a good purpose. In reality, it just became more of the game stall-er you describe, and once it went down you either could rush them and melee, or wait til the brutes and any nearby grunts all stayed under it until it went down and they all became a grenade opportunity. :/ Not very bright for races that have interstellar space travel. I always felt that a superior race, technologically more advanced, should all have more effective deadly weapons and more advanced tactics to take advantage of those weapons. You'd think the plasma weapons should be laser perfect every time and faster than primitive bullets, yet they are less accurate, slower, and overheat in your hand if 'over' used. O.o And yet the human bullets are faster and more accurate even though they should be effected by gravity, wind to a far greater degree... eh, what can ya do, it's a game right? ;)

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