Halo Film Script By Garland Resurfaces

1Up is running a story to the effect that the alleged Halo film script by Alex Garland, famously referred to at Latino Review, and that I also wrote a few pieces on back in 2005, has been "recovered".

As if it had been lost.

1Up's just running a few pages of it at a time, of course.

Want the whole thing? Download it here. As usual, registration and login are required.

WARNING! If you haven't played Halo, this might contain... well, you know.. spoilers.

PDF icon Halo_Garland_Alex_020605.pdf3.17 MB


hmm... i just read the whole thing over the course of today and yesterday nights, and i think that, if done correctly, it could be a kick-arse movie, but some of the dialogue is really bland, and i don't agree with other people not being able to hear Cortana, however, i do think its cool that she can manifest herself. If this script was really a candidate for the movie script, then i look forward to seeing the next one, and/or seeing the movie itself; hopefully other candidates/ real script would be better... And if its not authentic, who cares? not like it was gonna be used anyway. at the very least its an entertaining piece of fanfiction, it really was good at helping me visualize a lot of the scenes. :)

Gurilla sized grunts? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!