News Roundup For October 26, 2005

Recovery from a three-day holiday here this week has sapped whatever resolve I had left for keeping up on news, so here's a collection of interesting items:



You neglect to mention that I'm not at ALL bitter about Del Rey's promotional efforts. Perhaps I was too subtle? ;)

Seriously: Thanks for the guys sold more books for me than Del Rey.


Well, even though blogs are public, I do think there are things that need to be taken into account when publicizing blog entries on what is basically a news-oriented site.

I could have headlined it, "'Art of Halo' Editor Slams Publisher", for instance... :)

Rampant for over six years.

Was it a "slam" or merely a "zing"?


In any event, my thanks.


If you'd said HBO sold more copies than Del Rey, that'd have been a zing.

Say it about Rampancy, and it's a slam :)

Rampant for over six years.