Marty Warns: Gamespot Movies Are Spoilers

Marty O'Donnell is telling everybody over at the forum they should think carefully before deciding to watch the Gamespot movies recently made available. While it may be too late for a lot of us, he's still got a good point:

Here's the deal. If you are someone who's not sure whether or not you want to play Halo or buy an Xbox or whatever, then please go check out the movies and see if it helps you decide. If however, you are already a fan of Halo or Bungie and are planning on purchasing and enjoying Halo to it's fullest extent, then please ignore Gamespot and all the posts dealing with these movies.

The upshot is that while the movies might not give away new plot points, seeing so much of the game's introductory cutscene (which is to say, ALL of it) plus the rest of the first level might spoil the dramatic tension when you first slip Halo into the Xbox already knowing what you're going to see. Thanks