Soell Insists Mac, PC Halo Will Happen

AdReview might have had a point about absolute morons at gaming sites.

Problem was, they were talking about the wrong people.

Not even one day after Matt Soell re-re-reconfirms Halo for the PC and Mac for the umpteenth gajillionth time over in the HBO forum, PlanetXbox's John Yan slaps this bit right at the top of their news page, where it's almost guaranteed to generate another week's worth of whining about how Halo is Xbox Only or Xbox Exclusive or other such nonsense:

Like Halo, New Legends was destined for the PC until Microsoft's Xbox obtained the exclusive rights to the title.

Does Microsoft own the rights to Halo? Certainly. Is Halo an Xbox Exclusive ? Only in the sense of not coming to another console, because of course once again Matt has said:

We still plan to do a Mac and PC version of Halo.

And then he goes on to explain why they don't have any more information about when and how that will happen and why that doesn't affect the fact that it WILL happen.

Of course, PlanetXbox, as a site devoted to the Xbox, isn't particularly interested in what is or isn't coming to other platforms; but as a Member of the GameSpy Network that DOES cover other platforms, you'd think there'd be some way of getting information from the left hand to the right to head off this kind of error.

UPDATE: The forum link has been updated to reflect the passage of Matt's post into HBO's forum archive.