Microsoft Will Not Go It Alone On Halo Film

Buried near the bottom of an interview by Dean Takahashi over at the Mercury News interview with Microsoft's president of Entertainment and Devices Robbie Bach, comes the news that Microsoft will look for other studios to make the Halo film with, or give up the project.

Does it make sense for Microsoft to be in the movie business? It’s not what we do, nor would I anticipate us ever doing it. So it’s a different business with a different business model. We happen to have great intellectual property with Halo that could be made into a great movie. The No. 1 criteria for us is we have to be confident a great movie is going to be made. It doesn’t matter if Universal and Fox do it or somebody else does it. Frankly, if we didn’t think a good movie would be produced, we would rather have no movie.

Given the mix of nervousness and enthusiasm for the Halo film, is this good news-- that Microsoft will do it right, or not at all? Or bad news?



microsoft should absolutely go all out on the halo moive. wether waiting for the right studios or what the smartest thing they could do is make the best moive possible. In my view any studios that turns down this moive is insane, everyone knows what halo ther is no possible way this moive could flop unless microsoft and whatever production company rushes into the production and doesnt put 110% effort into. Microsoft should do it right or not at all.

Honestly I don't understand whats going on over at microsoft. first off canceling the movie entirely could be a huge mistake they already spent so much money on it as it is hey if its money their woried about that shouldn't be a issue beacause if they do a awesome job with this movie how ever much money they spent will easilly double in sales. Now I definetly under stand not going it alone on this movie beacause they have a point it isn't what they do they make computer software and awesome video games. But then again who have they got working with them on there side oh thats wright it's Peter Jackson so if it's expierince their worried about boom there it is. The only studios they would need to partner up with for this movie is some kind of animation studio for the flood. Thats my 2 cents in.

What money's been spent? They hired a rookie director and Peter Jackson to produce. Jackson's end (and presumably the director's) was going to come out of the studio backing (which they apparently never paid) so I don't know that any great amount has been spent so far.

To say that a Halo movie would "easily double in sales" is incredibly naive. It's very easy for a movie to flop, especially an expensive one.

I think the bottom line is that without studio money and experience, it's too much risk. If it turns out poorly, it might damage the reputation of the franchise as well as lose money. The possibility for good financial returns on the film, however likely, don't counterbalance the risk of financial loss if it turns out to be even mediocre.

Rampant for over se7en years.

all right you caught me on alot of the stuff i said but as far as sales I did say IF !!! they did a good job with the movie it could double in sales if they do a poor job and half way do it than yeah it would easily destroy it's reputation however you know as well as i do that there would be those fans that would'nt care if the movie was good or not they would see it just beacause it is Halo. and as far as money owed I may hav'e spoken out of line but some where down the line somebody owes some body something.

all right you called me on a lot of the stuff I said and I may have spoken out of line on a couple of things. However as far as sales go I did say IF !!! the do a good job the sales could double. I mean yeah if they do a poor job on it than yeah it would destroy Halos reputation but you know as well as I do that there would be those fans would go see it even if the movie sucked and said it was the best movie ever just beacause it was Halo ,and as far as money spent you make a good point but some where down the line someone owes somebody something and if the studios don't pay who gets left with the bill?

should definitly make the freakin' movie already