Cinema Blend Publishes Halo 3 Primer

Cinema Blend Games has a series of pieces by Steve West they're calling their Halo 3 Primer. It covers:

A lot of information there-- most of it not new, but it's nice to have it all in one place.



A lot of wrong information there, but I'll give 'em props for compiling it all.

Didn't get a chance to actually read it all yet.

Care to compile a list of errors?

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Since this IS a primer, he should have made sure all his info was correct. Some of it seems like pure speculation passed off as fact.

Characters: Master Chief - "Last seen: Hitchhiking on a Forerunner vessel after destroying another Halo and telling Lord Hood that he is 'finishing this fight.'"

characters: Drones - "Up close their claws can do considerable damage."

Characters: Prophet of Mercy - "When Truth declares Mercy is alive, Gravemind cuts in and says that Mercy is a part of him now. Suggesting the Mercy has been absorbed into the Flood. "

I'm not sure on this one. Can you confirm, Narc?

He gives his own names to the Flood forms, which struck me as odd.

"Workers/Soldiers – The first form of transformation when infected doesn’t carry too much mutation. Only Marines and Elites have been witnessed as Workers/Soldiers, and aside from the Ranger attached they look nominally the same as before.

Doesn't carry much mutation? They look the same? Right.

In the story section, another one; The Arbiter wasn't a SpecOps Elite, he was the Commander of the fleet.

Weapons: Shotgun - "One game will find you an unstoppable force of a beast, and the next the shotgun appears to have been transformed into a Daisy air rifle. Nothing has changed, so use wisely. "

Wrong. The shotgun's ammo capacity was cut by 50%, and a it was a lot more effective. It was consistent in every game.

Weapons: Spartan Laser - "It locks on to an enemy..."

Weapons: Turret - "Now you can carry around your very own unlimited ammo turret..."

Weapons: Fuel Rod Cannon - "...and you’ve got a devastating weapon that still hasn’t seen multiplayer action."

It's been confirmed to be in MP for a while.

Weapons: Energy Sword - "Bungie hasn’t confirmed or denied any changes to the Energy Sword for Halo 3"

It has an energy meter.

Weapons: Brute Shot - "...and you can still get some quick kills if you compensate for the bouncy explosives.

The shots don't bounce anymore.

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Is it because of my resolution?

Very nice collection there. I don't remember that Gravemind quote specifically, but I'll try and check it.

I think there maybe a problem with the CSS in the post reply page, but I can't duplicate that error no matter how large a display resolution I use....

Does it happen in any other browser? I don't have IE to test with.

Rampant for over se7en years.

I think that Gravemind quote was on High Charity, when he and Truth were talking over the intercom-thingy. A lot of his comments are hard to hear.

I hadn't seen this error a few days ago, which is why this was a bit of a surprise. I'm afraid I don't have any other browsers on my system at the moment, but I could test them out if you want.

Off the top of my head, Gravemind rebutts Truth's claim about Mercy's advice with, "We are together now; two corpses in one grave."

-- Steve loves the back-and-forth propaganda exchanges in that level.

Ahh; that quote I do remember, but I thought it was broader than just referring to Mercy.

I interpreted that as referring to all of the Covenant and Gravemind, rather than just Mercy. After all, Mercy's not the only dead thing on High Charity at the moment.

It's also arguable that if Gravemind has subsumed Mercy, Mercy is not the only prophet to suffer that fate, so the count is wrong again.

If Gravemind means as part of "two" to be himself and all recently absorbed Prophet hierarchs, then he's off: himself, Mercy and Regret make three. If he doesn't count them separately, then he's just one: himself, including the absorbed.

Rampant for over se7en years.

It seems like he's referring to the Covenant as a whole aboard High Charity. I suppose he could be referring to Mercy, but either way, High Charity is one big grave now.

Ahh; that quote I do remember, but I thought it was broader than just referring to Mercy.

Since it was immediately after Truth's boast over the PA that "noble Mercy [was] at [his] side"*, I took it as Gravemind calling Truth out as a liar by saying that Mercy was subsumed, and not as a general trash-talking about how the Covenant is goin' down.

My interpretation depends upon understanding that "We" in the quote as "Mercy and I", though. I admit the ambiguity, but think it just works better given the timing of the response.

-- Steve thinks that the "we" was necessary to match Gravemind's dialog's meter, hence the ambigious phrasing. Oh, and Bungie messing with our minds, of course.

* I wish I could look up the exact phrasing, but it looks like HBO is taking a nap at the moment so I can't check the story page transcripts.

I believe the phrasing was "Noble Mercy is here by my side."