Microsoft Foxes Halogen Project

Halogen, an unofficial fan project to create a real-time strategy game in the Halo universe, is shutting down due to a request from Microsoft. From their homepage:

Hours ago, we finally recieved the words we've been dreading since the mod started to get noticed. Microsoft has decided that we are infringing on the intellectual property of Bungie Studios and has asked us to stop development on Halogen.

The site notes that the forum and other areas will be shut down within a week.



Rest In Peace, Halogen. Perhaps it will rise again.

[quote=Anonymous]Rest In Peace, Halogen. Perhaps it will rise again.[/quote]

I hope so. I like Sketch's suggestion that they just make it a SF RTS game and remove the explicit Halo references. Apparently a lot of the team's material was original anyway.

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