Rampancy Renovations: New FAQs, Old Videos, Mobile Devices

The FAQ section has been reopened with an emphasis on Bungie's new IP, Destiny. If you have a question to ask, submit it!

The movies section has been revised to clean out bitrot; old videos were transcoded from DivX and other older codec and container combinations to H.264 MP4 files. Where this could not be done, YouTube videos were substituted. A number of other videos recently added to YouTube by Bungie and others have been added, specifically for Marathon and Halo. All videos should now play fine in the browser, defaulting to Flash with a fallback to HTML5 for those who do not have flash installed.

The site should present a minimal theme to mobile devices such as phones and tables, removing most of the blocks along the top, bottom, and sides of the site, presenting only the main menu in the form of a button at the top right. The movie player is compatible with iOS devices.