New Covenant?

This image appeared on Sculptech Studios' website on the Halo 2 page. It might be an as-yet-unseen Covenant species. It was later removed.

Luckily, Halo Planet snagged it. Sculptech lists both Microsoft Game Studios, makers of Halo, and Joyride Studios, manufacturers of Halo toys, as clients. It could be from another client... except he's holding a plasma rifle. From the head, it could be a Prophet, outside his chair, and without its robes... but it doesn't look "frail". A bunch of people at HBO contributed to finding this.

Can Halo 2 record game films?

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Previous Bungie games Marathon and Myth featured something called demo or film recording, allowing players to record multiplayer matches in small files that could be exchanged with other players. The UI of the build of Halo 2 shown to journalists apparently had two familiar choices (Campaign, Multiplayer) and a new option, Game Movies. Apparently this might be for recording games or perhaps portions of games. It is rumored to have been cut from the game, however.