Campaign Solo
61% (385 votes)
Campaign Co-op
29% (181 votes)
3% (16 votes)
Multiplayer Ranked
4% (25 votes)
Multiplayer Unranked
4% (26 votes)
Total votes: 633


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Again I think the vote will be determined by the nature of the audience of; with all the die-hard Bungiologists congregating here it's pretty much certain (IMO) that "Campaign Solo" is going to win out as folks grind through to get the story with a minimum of distraction.

I do see some advantages to co-op (more eyes means fewer cues missed) but some disadvantages (co-op's necessary chatter accidentally overrunning in-game dialog) too.

-- Steve'll run through solo the first time... but that's 'cause he hates screwing up so much in front of an audience.

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In reply to: I see... I see... *hand passes over crystal ball*

The 3 guys I'll be playing with can be trusted not to spoil it. You'd trust Shai, right Anton?