This skull is found on [b] The Ark. [/b] The effect of this skull is it makes weapons that enemies drop, have half ammo. So for instance, say you pick up a beam rifle that you got from killing a jackal. It usually has close to 88 charge right? Well now if you're lucky it'll have 41 charge. Makes the search for weapons longer however it gives you a 2x multiplier on campaign scoring. Anyways, onto finding the skull.

[b] Step 1 [/b]
After Johnson and his Pelican drop in and tell you they see a good LZ go as if you're going to the LZ.

[b] Step 2 [/b]
Kill the two grunts and you should be under a bridge/walkway that looks like the one you just went on to kill the last couple of enemies.

[b] Step 3 [/b]
Jump onto the rock facing the middle pillar holding the walkway (you can get onto it from jumping from a warthog or chopper). After that, jumping onto the bridge should be easy.

[b] Step 4 [/b]
Now run to the last pillar on the left. It should stick out because the other pillars are able to be jumped into easily however this one is sticking out.

[b] Step 5 [/b]
Grenade jump to get into the opening into the pillar (stickies work the best for this jump). Be careful to not fall off!!! The skull should be in front of you.

Now you have a good skull for the multiplier and another 10g.
If you need any help send J Manizzy a message saying. "I need the Famine skull."
I'll send you an invite if I see you're on.

Happy Skull Hunting!