Wanted: Halo Killer

Today's Penny Arcade looks over the smoldering ruins of IGN's review of Killzone, a PS2 shooter once billed as a "Halo killer". While hostile to what they called the "repetetive" nature of Halo 1's campaign, Gabe and Tycho have warmed to Halo 1's multiplayer and to the promise of Halo 2. They had this to say about the hype around Killzone now that the game is out:

If Killzone was hyped, perhaps even over-hyped as you appear to claim, well, you can't point at Bob and say it was all Bob's doing. That's something everybody did. On the other hand, I was there when they announced it as well, and it seemed at the time like a good vessel for the hopes of that system. But Halo Killer? Be serious. There's only one Halo killer, and I'll tell you this much: it's not on the PS2.

Gee... wonder what game they are talking about there?