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The More You Know, The Better

IGN has put up Part One of an article entitled Xbox 2: Everything We Know. As it turns out, at least half the article is a wish list, along with a prognostication about whether or not it will come true. This must be a new definition of the word know that I wasn't previously aware of, as I had always more closely associated it with words like fact or information, rather than the phrase stuff we think would be cool, which seems to be the new usage according to IGN. Or perhaps all the information is being saved for Part Two, which is promised for January 6 but isn't up yet as far as we can see.

There was one interesting bit of information in the article, although it is uncited: although they think it would be cool if the Xbox 2 was backwards compatible, IGN is going on record saying it definitely won't be.

To my mind, that's a major mistake-- if not for any of the good economic reasons for maintaining backwards compatibility while you're trying to increase market share, but that because that means I'm going to have to keep two Xboxes in my living room if I want to play whatever Bungie game (Halo 3?) comes out for it along with Halo and Halo 2, and that just isn't right.