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Will Mac clients work on PC servers of halo? Or the other way around?



Mac PC compatibility?

The Mac client is supposed to be compatible with the PC version, both client and dedicated server. There is no information yet on whether there will be a dedicated server for Mac OS X or for Linux. Obviously, the Mac version will need to keep pace with patches made to the PC version, so we'll have to wait and see how long Westlake keeps doing those patches.


Do you have any idea when Halo 2 for Mac will come out? I've been wondering for a while, otherwise I'll gave to buy an XBox...

[quote=]Do you have any idea when Halo 2 for Mac will come out? I've been wondering for a while, otherwise I'll gave to buy an XBox...[/quote]

No, nobody knows. No one even knows if it will be out for PC and when, and I doubt it'll be ported to the Mac if it isn't ported to the PC.

For my money, I don't think it will ever be done. Bungie I think felt obligated to do Halo for the PC, since it was originally introduced as a Mac/PC title, and a lot of the old school fans wanted and expected it.

However, with everything that's happened since, the rather public disintegration of the relationship between Bungie/MS and Gearbox, and the Halo Custom Edition situation, I tend to think that Bungie will avoid going that way again.

Personally, I think history to date has vindicated Bungie's decision: the Xbox is a good gaming platform, and Halo was the best game on it, to be surpassed only (I'm sure) by Halo 2.

When will Halo 2 appear for Mac OS X?

Bungie has said there are currently "no plans" to port Halo 2 to any other platform.


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I'm getting one soon and I need to know if Mac Halo is supported.

Whether it's a desktop or laptop doesn't matter per se. What matters is the video card. Check Mac Halo's video memory requirement against what is in the model of laptop you are considering.

I have a 1Ghz 15" PowerBook that is able to run Mac Halo, but I have to turn the quality of the display down to the bare minimum to get a decent framerate. While that may have improved slightly since I bought my powerbook, nothing less than a top of the line powerbook would even approximate a midrange desktop with a video card of your choice.

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