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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – FEBRUARY 12, 2007 – Wideload Games,
creator of the award-winning Stubbs the Zombie, announced today they
have picked Gamecock Media Group to publish their next title –
Hail to the Chimp. The title is expected to ship in Spring 2008.

“We're as happy as a hippo in a henhouse to be a key part of
Gamecock's launch,” said Wideload founder and CEO Alexander
Seropian. "We're working hard to craft an original, fun game, and
retaining ownership of the IP is a huge benefit of this partnership.
The Gamecock guys have a stellar record in publishing games and
treating developers right, and are poised to give the video game
business a much-needed kick in the pants."

“Alex and his team have proven that original titles have an
impact in this marketplace,” said Harry Miller, President and
Head of Development for Gamecock Media Group. “This group is not
afraid to take a risk or push the limit on originality and humor. Hail
to the Chimp is set to carry on their benchmark humorous legacy
established by Stubbs the Zombie.”

Hail to the Chimp is a party game where players battle one
another to become the new leader of the Animal Kingdom. Players use the
game’s unique team-up mechanic, balancing cooperation with
competition, to claw their way to victory. The game supports up to four
players on one console or online, bringing Wideload's trademark blend
of action and comedy to gamers of all ages.

Hail to the Chimp can be found online at

About Wideload Games

Wideload is a producer and developer of original interactive
entertainment that focuses on the creation of original intellectual
property with an innovative new approach to making video games.
Wideload utilizes a global outsourcing model to augment each project
with independent contractors.  Using this model, Wideload released
its premiere title, Stubbs the Zombie to critical acclaim in October
2005.  Stubbs has been recognized as one of the most original,
innovative, and funny games to come out in years.

About Gamecock Media Group

Based in Austin, Texas, Gamecock Media Group offers a welcome solution
to the bloated and originality-starved video game industry. A
well-funded, independent, artist-driven company, Gamecock favors the
most innovative and original video game developers in the industry.
Publishing games for all platforms, Gamecock offers its developers a
high degree of participation, freedom and financial incentives,
allowing them to perform and create to their utmost ability. For more,
please visit

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