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A post at Blue's News reports that Halo on Windows will only support D3D--no OpenGL. Confirmation is in the works, but these seems like a rather odd thing for Bungie to do, especially as Oni is touted to include support for most major acceleration libraries.


Kudos to Zinfandel for letting me know about the Townhall's Halo page, which features some screenshots from the keynote demo as well as some observations on it. Definitely some of the most detailed stuff yet.

Also, while I'm on the website front, has moved into now--change your bookmarks, folks.


Alright, it's up now... has not only some tantilizing tidbits scattered about it, but the things we've been waiting for... screenshots and a PR. A visit is compulsory... go, now.


Hot on the heels of the Keynote, Bungie has launched their Halo site (the addy isn't working... yet), which boasts little more than a logo.

But it's a good thing... look closely folks. Is that a Marathon symbol in the background? ':)

Forum: What do you think?


Direct from the keynote webcast comes the long awaited announcement, and the beginning of something new (or the continuation of something great).

In a demonstration that (despite the two interruptions, 2 fps, and the fact that I'd managed to see it before) floored me, Bungie's Jason Jones unveiled Halo, their new in development game. Halo, nee Blam.


Well, kinda. Despite setting up fora 33.6 connection, the office cable modem here is struggling. Still, I've got it running at about 2fps, which is better than zero or a negative, so we're in business.

My kingdom and a pony of fine breeding to anyone who saves a high quality version of this webcast for later viewing...


The countdown to the keynote begins, and already interesting things are beginning to stir. Stay tuned for some interesting coverage as the day progresses... it's going to be a good one.


I'm kidding, of course... a note from one of the Bungie d00dz points out that the Mark Gacini mentioned in the MacNN article below appears to be either a typo or a case of mistaken identity. Hmph... so much for that mystery.


For those of you who can stomach rising with the sun, Steve Jobs is scheduled to give the MWNY Keynote address tomorrow morning at 9:00am EST. For those of you with a fast internet connection (and no satellite with which to watch the live broadcast), you can catch the webcast and see if the rumors are true... I hope my 33.6 is up to the task, but if any of you speed viewers see anything interesting, give me a shout (just in case).


Kudos to Freewill, who pointed out a potentially interesting news clip from MacNN: