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We were promised goodies for explorers in Halo 2, and Old Mombasa delivers a truckload of them. Getting up on the roof of any building is pretty easy, and from there it's normally a short hop away from anything else. Up top, you'll find weapons galore- hidden sniper rifles, ammo, and even an energy sword tucked away in the top floor of a building away from the battlefields. And don't worry about getting stuck in bad places if you miss a jump- Bungie has piled up crates and vehicles so that getting out is always an option.



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how do you get to the place with the sword,can you please detail it,cuz i'm having trouble getting to it
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How the hell did you got up there? I've been trying to get up there for almost five hours straight and I've really tried everything. I've been on the rooftops around the courtyard, on top of the broken bridge, I fell out of the map several times, I've also got stopped by invisible walls, I even tried to jump from windowpanel to windowpanel. I've fond that skull, grenades and the camera while trying to get up there and really nothing fucking worked.
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In reply to: swordroom in Outskirts
right when the level starts off through the first hallway look straight dont turn and go down the ramp. you should see a light. Crouch jump onto that and then onto the ledge in front of it. then if you take a left 90 degree turn you will see a narrow dark hallway. this is where the blind skull is i dont recommend picking it up because it is no fun with no hud unless you are an expierinced player. you can get it back cut i wont explain in this response. anywho, if you take a 180 degree turn from the ledge you'll find a little hallway that you have to jump to. go to tht and go all the way to the end where there is an invisible bounndary and u can't walk. jump crouch up to the ledge ( this is hard the first few times cus of the ledge height). Congragulations you are now free to search the first roof top area. to get to the bigger rooftop area where the swrod is and you can jump to the sniper ammo, you must be on top of the first rooftop area. go to where the road is broken and the pelican flies in. when you are looking towards the direction you are supposed to be going, jump to the right side of the broken road. jump on the ledge and jump crouch on th building. once up there DON'T FALL ONTO THE SMALLER LEDGES FOR ABOUT 50 FEET PAST THE VENTS THAT LOOK LIKE AIR CONDITIONERS you can't get back up. you are now free to explore the area! Happy Hunting =D