31% (95 votes)
18% (55 votes)
Will be.
27% (82 votes)
Not sure.
24% (73 votes)
Total votes: 305


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I've often wondered what happened to Cortana during her time in Halo's systems. And her behavior changes afterwards, especially after contact with the Covenant AI seem to imply that her time is short.

By sharp and flame,


"Our conviction is like an arrow already in flight. Your life will only last until it reaches you"

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Well, that's the OLD Cortana talking, you know... the one who was going to run more than a cart and plow over the bones of the dead.

The as-released Cortana was a kinder, friendlier AI. At least... so far...


Rampant for over five years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

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shoot she says she is going to destroy the humans

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That's a standard response when someone wants to ask you a question.

"Can I ask you something?"

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now she is in the convenant networks, she has the resources to let her rampancy to have full effect. why did she want to split up from MC? couldn't she let a subroutine take care of the self destruction of high charity like she was going to leave one crash the pillar of autumn? And why even let high charity and the second halo intact? the flood are on the loose again, destroy them and the halo,like Mc did last time. then she would also have the covenant in disarray

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Is she a spy? Just imagine the pain that will bring to John when he finds out. Poor guy... finding out his lover is on the other side.