Because A Note Is Worth Twelve Pages... At Least

Spencer "Poop Scoop" Anunsen spent some time awhile back transcribing Enough Dead Heroes from the Halo Soundtrack by Marty O'Donnell into sheet music for a string quartet. We've made the transcription available, in 12 one-page PDF files, in our new Sheet Music section.Also, this is the only version of this sheet music that we have-- please don't ask Poop Scoop for other pieces or other arrangements. However, if you've done some transcriptions of Halo music, either for other instruments or other pieces, please feel free to send it to us.The PDF files are stored in our integrated download system, so you'll need to login to your user account (or register for one if you haven't already) in order to download them.



FYI, we didn't make the PDF files-- we just received them that way, and I don't have the software necessary to combine them into a PDF. However, I think I may just make a single .zip archive and see if that makes things easier.

Cool avatar, by the way.

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My scanner automatically created the PDF files as seperate, and I don't have the necessary software to combine them either. The .zip archive sounds like a good idea though.

The .zip file is there, it's last in the list, named 1-12.
Rampant for over four years.

Looks like you made this on Finale... Any chance you could put the finale file (.Mus) or a midi up here too? Amazing stuff though... It's nice, well except for the fact that each page has like 4 measures.

Yeah, I did do it in Finale Notepad 2003a (a total piece of crap, maybe thats why it was free)and i am sorry about the whole million rests thing. I don't know how (or if you can) do the regular bar rests in it. If you want the Finale (.mus) files, e-mail me at

Spencer Anunsen
(Poop Scoop)