Haha!! I finally did it! Took me long enough, But I did it, So here it is; Another rain (Rain) for Sting Orchestra with Piano and Alto Saxophone. Some side notes to keep in mind, (somewhat) The Viola part is In treble Clef so you Violas may need to learn (or already have) Treble cleft or have People on the part as Violin III. There are 4 Cello parts. Cello I gets the Melody at certain points. and Also where there are triplets, I added so notes scaling up to the G. Cello II and III get the running 16th notes at measure 12. Cello IV Has the Bass Line, Playing Simple octaves and playing along side the Countrabass. I used Garage band on My mac. The song is in 4/4 time all the way and is in the key of A flat though out the song. I do not have the MP3, I can not attach it to the blog so email me if you would like it. The Piano part may serve as a score but it does not have everything in it, it has most of it but not all, so keep that in mind. Credit for having all the notes goes to Benjamin Bergem. Thank you so very much for providing the tablature. :))

Difficulty: 3
Violin I
Violin II
Violin III (or Viola in Treble cleft)
Cello I
Cello II
Cello III
Cello IV
Alto Saxophone.
P.S. If you play a B flat Saxophone (I.E. Tenor Sax or Soprano ECT.) Email me if you would like a part for that particular Instrument.
Duration : 3:07 Minutes long.

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Great work! I had learned the sax solo by ear and it appears it had it down note for note except for the second eigth note which I thought was a C (for alto sax). I went back to check a you had it correctly written as B flat. Even though it makes little difference I think it sounds better going up on a C instead, however. (This is the very beginning of the solo in measure 41) Once again, amazing job!