Sacred Icon Suite 2 - Halo: Legends

This is the song "Sacred Icon Suite 2" from the Halo: Legends Original Soundtrack.

I did this entire song BY EAR. There are many parts to which I am doubtful, but these are mostly the chords. The sheet music, though, sounds pretty decent. There are parts in which I wanted to put dynamic markings, but the program that I used, MuseScore, would have messed it up a little (like at measure 21, the top hand should be piano, and the bottom hand should still be forte).
Nonetheless, I here is the sheet music, as well as a midi and the MuseScore (.mscz) file to "Sacred Icon Suite 2" from the Halo: Legends Original Soundtrack. Enjoy!


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amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! would you be able to also do machines and might cause that's an awesome as well :D

Hm, that may not be that bad to do for me. I'll try to do it when I get free time, which should be by the end of July. I wouldn't mind taking a stab at it.
My only problem with this song (as with any others) is chords. Most of the chords that I have in this song are done by using the same chords from songs that I have sheet music to (so I used chords from the sheets of "Sacred Icon" or "Unforgotten" to make certain chords in this one). This doesn't sound too bad, as it has the underlying "Sacred Icon" in it, so I'll make sure to give it my best!


Awesome! If you want some help i do have a rough outline of some of the chords and notes

Hello? If u do need some help i can help you?