I've seen several requests for the song Ashes from Halo: Reach.

Many thanks to gbacani, for posting a tutorial for this (he can't read or write sheet). I just transcribed it, and maybe not too well, since I used NoteWorthy Composer (Evaluation), so if anyone wants to redo the sheetmusic for me with some other format, please do so.
I've attached the midi, the .nwc file, and the NWC sheetmusic in the file

Someone please redo to sheet to make it look better?

Enjoy the piece!

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That is awesome, great job!

That guy has no potatoes!

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Very nice, but the time signature is WAY off!

Halo = The best game ever...

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Yeah, now that I look at it, I have no clue why I chose 4/4, maybe just habit. I realized quickly something with ?/2 would work much better (since I was counting it that way anyway). Would 2/2 work?

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This is great! I was actually starting to transcribe this.. I had transcribed the whole piano solo on the beginning when I saw this.
So.. less work for me, yay! :)

I might fire up my Sibelius and clean this up a bit, though. Full credit to you for transcribing it, of course! :)


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Good job on getting it up at least. I'm waiting on a friend to let me borrow his Finale09. I currently have this song, Epilogue, and Birth of a Spartan trascribed. I'll try to post them as soon as possible for you guys.


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