Request - Halo Reach epilogue

If anyone can respond, I'm asking for sheet music to halo reach's epilogue music, but just the piano solo, the first minute.

you can find the music here:



I was just about to post the same question. =)

I can transcribe it, but I need a track listing so I can find out what the song's name is.

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It's called "Epilogue" on the OST. also he put a link to the video..

I know. The [i]track[/i] is called Epilogue, which consists of different [i]songs[/i].
Like "Winter Contingency" consists of "Lone Wolf" and other songs...

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However the beginning piano does not have a name. It is Epilogue. and then also consists of variations of "Ghosts and Glass" and "We Remember"

I'll just wait till the 28th though...

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why the 28th?

The CD is being released.

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O.O it's already been released here.. if you want I can upload it to megaupload?

its already out though. and its on iTunes. if you want it i can put it on megaupload for you.

I know! I already have the soundtrack!!

Halo = The best game ever...

Like the track name is actually called epilogue

#11 on that list

Hey man,
I just made sheet music for it. It may not be perfect, but it's as close as I can get.

Thanks so much for the sheet music! I downloaded it maybe two weeks ago and it ROCKS!