Impend - Piano/Keyboard

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This is a keyboard transcription of "Impend" in C from the Halo 2 soundtrack. Can be performed by piano, but meant to be played with a strings patch.
Its a simple little passage that's fun to play once you get it down. Enjoy!

[b]Medium:[/b] Piano/Keyboard
[b]Difficulty(1-5):[/b] 2

[b]Included files:[/b]
- sheet music (Impend - Piano.pdf)
- MIDI performance (Impend - Piano.mp3)
- .mid file (Halo - Impend.mid)

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Thanks alot for this, i cant wait to start learning it

your welcome!

hi.. ehm could u please add a .mid file pls? :) if its no to mutch to ask

I added the .mid file to the package and changed the MIDI performance.

Shouldn't the notes be two half notes, instead of a 3/4 note followed by a quarter in the first measure?


And this song has different versions of it, I just liked the 3/4 version better.

Ahhh, ok.

Awesome job Jonathan!

Waaah >.

thanks man

very nice arrangement

Nice arrangement, but there is some double accidentals that could be fixed (Like you flated A twice on the same stem on the 6th bar)

Impressive sounds just like the original recording! Out of curiousity, have any plans of creating an extended version with the other half? Im sort of new to playing piano so I don't know if it would sound any good but I really like the cool sounding chord progressions found throughout all Halo music