PS3 Halo

My friend used to think that the halo franchise would eventually come out for the PS3. i'm polling to see who thinks if it will come out for the PS3. a simple yes or no will suffice. i would also like facts if possible.



The Halo franchise is owned directly by Microsoft, and managed by 343 Industries. Bungie was originally purchased by Microsoft in order to make Halo a launch title for the Xbox.

The additional sales of making Halo available on the PS3 would benefit Sony far more than it could possibly benefit Microsoft if Halo is no longer an exclusive.

MS has only bothered to port two of the five games in the series to the other platform they control directly-- Windows. After Halo: CE and then Halo 2 for Vista, they stopped doing those ports-- so where's the incentive to port to PS3 where it also benefits Sony?

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My guess is probably not. But anything can happen, you know :)