Halo hater

I have a freind(not really) who likes school better than halo, and thinks that eternal darkness can be compared to halo, he likes max payne more than halo, hates the xbox, likes hitman 2 better than halo, didn't care to much about the in-game footage of halo 2 that I showed him, thinks that a game called Killer 7 wich wont be out for another year is better than halo and halo 2 and any game alive, he's a gamecube junkie that thinks max payne sold 1 million copies in 4 days, he hates all first person shooters, except timesplitter 2, and theres more gayness about him that i can't think of at the moment. Tell me how I can make him love Halo(he's never played it) and the xbox please!!



get him to play it, whether it's mutiplayer or co-op. but when u do play it, only be helpful, don't compare it to anything. my neighbor is a hardcore nintendo fan, and claims that Halo is horrible, but alas... whenever he's over @ my house, what do we play? you got it... HALO. he is also extrememly excited about it's relese on the PC so he can play it @ home.... hmmm i wonder why...

People who refuse to accept other things outside their tiny scope are really just ignorant. However, there is a chance that hes just had bad experiences with FPS games by being constantly beaten into a pulp and he doesnt want to do it any more.

If you really want him to see how much Halo rocks, get a few friends over for a Multiplayer game (4+ is good) and have a giant game go, let him watch. Chances are he will become more interested.

If he shows interest in Halo PC, its probably because he wants to play Halo, but doesn't want to admit that it is a great game.

PS. Eternal Darkness was a let down, it wasn't even remotely scary. Oooo wow, a talking corpse! OMG IT MUTED MY TV! :D