Everything You Wanted To Know, But Were Afraid To Ask... Again

Bungie has the Waaambulance, where people who have been banned from Halo 2 matchmaking write in nearly incomprehensible questions and complaints, and Bungie makes fun of them.

I don't have the power to ban players from Halo 2 matchmmaking, not that I would if I could. What I do have is some search logs that indicate people end up at Rampancy.net looking for some pretty odd things.

  • The user who searched for pc halo walkthrough was pretty close. It's worth noting, though, that unlike other PC ports, there's no difference between Halo for the PC and Halo for the Xbox; at least, not a difference that would matter in a walkthrough if you've somehow gotten stuck.
  • Although I realize that sometimes the Internet connection you're on isn't fast enough to play Halo, but I doubt searching for Colagualtion is going to bring any relief.
  • Halo 3 might be about a green cyborg having to rescue a purple princess, but searching R.net for Zelda is really barking up the wrong tree.
  • Halo 2 might no longer be the reigning champion of the Xbox Live leader boards, but that's no reason to go around searching Halo sites for information on the Gears of War Story. If you can't find the story in Gears, we sure as heck can't.
  • Finally, one helpful word for the user who searched to find out if NBA 07 is sold out in Blockbuster: www.blockbuster.com.