Hello egg lovers!,

I have found many, many, many more easter eggs over easter! here they all are!

Go to your dashboard and set the dates to these 1/1/1, 25/12/1 31/10/1

On regret get to the "wrong" temple (me prevoius blods will tell how) and go to everyone of the dark rooms, check the roofs for a message "Hi Ben!", to see this you will need to get a full sniper view with a flashlight on.

On METREOPOLIS, get to the part with the 3 wraiths, take them out, and when the pelican comes, repetantly jump and hold X as if you are trying to ride in the Pelican, if done correctly, you should get in. Now read closly, dont get out untill then spiing slows, or death will come, when it does, get out and you wont die. Lol, have some fun with the pelican!

On Gravemind, in the cutscene when the jackles are rebelling, one of the grunts gaurding the prophet chamber apperes to be holding A paper cutout of a naked guy. This cutout is also seen in halo 3, and was in the office of Bungies very own, Jason Jones.

On coagulataon, go to were the shotgun spawns and look at the top of the rocks, it will make you happy :) Also, go to the cave, overlooking the water and look around you should see something that says, Not Sid was Here. Also,Also if you blow up a tank, look a the Cogs, there is a jack-o-lantern!

On the Level uprising, go through the cave, kill the No0bs and go to the bottom floor, there should be a Grunt that talks to you, if you dont hurt it, sometines it doesnt talk, just try again

On Arbiter, when you are on the Flood infested elevators, look at the walls, after a while the Flood guts have JS carved in them. JS, Joseph Stanten is the voice of the Grunt!

In Halo:CE after you watch the recording, cheif says "ive got a bad felling about this" and someone else says he always has a bad feeling about this, On HALO2 when you are the airbiter, some of the Grunts start vfighting about bad feelings and food nipples! LOL

On Midship, under the sword platform there is some weird images.

At the start of The Airbiter, watch the dropships, they start FLIPPIN OUT!

On Zanzibar, most of the Rocks seem to have the outline of a Devil On them!

So thats about it, thanx for reading!

Skull-Seeker 4 life!!!