Hello all Skull Seekers,

I was just playing Halo2 before from the beggining, i was up to the part were johnson wants you to get into the lift, what i did was started pissing him off by not getting in the lift(It takes a while in bwtween angry sentences so find somthing to do, there is a little trolley you can push around and if you push it into the door of the lift, when it activates it gets flung into the marine). To do this i was on legendary and you will have to wait a while untill the cheif in comman says[quote]Would it help if i say please". When he says that get into the lift, into the tram, and face the door inside the building, push against the door and hold ex , the skull is near the green cRates, it might take you a couple of tries.

When you pick up the skull it says nothing on any difficultly and it seems to make enimies more aware of you.

Skull-Seeker 4 life...

Found them all and still lookin'