Spencer "Poop Scoop" Anunsen has done another transcription of music from Halo; this one is the theme from the Truth & Reconciliation Suite. As usual, it includes versions in MIDI, PDF and .mus formats. Check it out in our Sheet Music section on the Halo page. Registration and login required for downloading as usual.

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Isn't the T&R suite about 8 minutes long? The midi is only 3 minutes :\
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It's only the halo theme portion of the suite, not the whole suite.


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Thank you soo much!! It's my favorite song I've tried to transpose and couldn't THANK YOU!!

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It is arranged for a string septet, consisting of 3 violins, 2 violas, a cello and a string bass. Some classmates and I performed it at the Washington Musical Educators Association Regional Ensemble Contest at Kamiak High School in Mukilteo, Washington (we got a 2+, with 1 being best, 5 worst, and a "2+" being better than a "2"). I encountered some trouble spots while performing, and if you have any desire to perform this I have a few pointers. first of all, the pattern from measure 13 to 16 is particularly difficult for the first viola (the part that I played). The string crossings can be tricky, and I'd suggest to play in the lower half of the bow in a "down up down up up, down up down up up" bowing. Also, the violin rhythms at B must be kept extremely strict. If they get off there, it tends to fall apart. Make sure that everyone in the ensemble (or orchestra if you are using this as part of a larger group) knows where their part fits in. One of the things that the adjudicator commented on was the fact that we knew when to bring out our parts and when to lay off. Oh, and then there is letter G. This part can be fairly difficult to get down if the lower strings do not follow the rhythms strictly. Instead of counting in four for that part, count every 8th note, and get it down so that you end the pattern together on the second beat of 62. And the last two measures can tend to be hard to get in tune for the cello/bass parts (i can get it fine on my viola, but for some reason it's aparently harder on a cello and a bass). I think this would work better with a full orchestra, and obviously with purcussion, but it works fairly well for ensamble/chamber work.


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A lot of great info there. Thanks, PS!


Rampant for over five years.

Rampant for over se7en years.

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You just absolutely rock!! THANK YOU!!
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Wow Poop Scoop that is great! This is really impressive! The only thing is that I just wanted to let you know that the bass is mostly all triplets - when song starts, it goes : da-da-da-daaaaaaa da-da-da-daaaaaaa da-da-da-daaaaaaa... and so on. I know you have it done the way it is easier to play on your instruments and that's fine (I'm not trying to critique it or anything) I just wanted you to know that. Keep up the good work! BTW - I am currently transcribing the Halo main theme (what it plays in the main menu of Halo 1) for piano and I will post it here when I finish. That's how I know about the triplets thing. But thanks - maybe this can help me! P3A!Z 7I3 73KW!ZA70K
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Well I guess if you have it in 12/8 time it works the way you did it. Never mind about the triplets then. I am transcribing mine in 4/4 time so I guess mine is weird. Oh well. P3A!Z 7I3 73KW!ZA70K
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I just wanted to know if you or anyone else can possibly transcribe the Contrabass part for a Bb Clarinet. I appreciate it.