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Finish The Fight - Full Orchestral Score

This is a full score transcription on Finish The Fight from Halo 3 for orchestra (woodwinds/brass/percussion/choir/strings). This song was originally played at the E306 showing of the first Halo 3 trailer. It's my first full score arrangement yet, so let me know if there are any errors with the notation. Now I have an idea of the ridiculous amount of work involved in writing a full score! :P

[b]Medium:[/b] Orchestra
[b]Difficulty(1-5):[/b] 4

[b]Included files:[/b]
- MIDI Performance [i](Finish The Fight - JC.mp3)[/i]
- sheet music PARTS [i](Finish The Fight - Finalized Parts)[/i]
- sheet music SCORE [i](Finish The Fight - Finalized Score.pdf)[/i]

[i][b]The file should appear below. (Remember, you must be registered to view and download attachments.)[/b][/i]



[b]Included Parts:[/b]
Oboe (2)
Clarinet (2)
Bassoon (2)
Horn (3)
Trumpet (3)
Trombone (3)
Percussion (7)
Choir (S/A/T/B)
Violin (2)
Viola (2)
Violoncello (2)

Nice. The way the strings play in the first 20 seconds sounds just like the actual piece (the way it reverberates).

When I was listening to it (in particular the first 30 secs), I first thought that I had downloaded the actual piece it sounded so much like the original recording! Looking forward to you releasing the sheet music. :-)

Heh thanks, yeah I spent a lot of time on the beginning, then I realized how long it was going to take to finish so I kinda rushed to complete it and never got to perfect it.
I'm glad your looking forward to it, I'm working on it in Finale right now...

How soon?!?!??!!?!??! I can't wait!!!

Wow! I've been looking for this song for a loooooooong time! (Countless hours really...o.o) Thank you again. Oh, one question when will you have the music sheets up =o? Because I've always wanted to play this song on violin. xD

I'm not really sure when exactly- with school ending and all and me finding a job, but I'd maybe say something around 3 weeks?? more or less...

Awsome! i've looked everywhere for the orchestra piece for halo! this is fantastic

Sorry, but can someone tell me how I can download the documents and files?

Great stuff!

But is there anyway we could possibly download the MIDI performance as an actual .mid file?

I'd like to put the song into Synthesia.

Thanks John!


this is awsesome, and I have a request. can you transcribe something for violin, flute viola and piano

Sure, just message me via email or private message and I'll see what I can do.

Do you think you could email me the sheet music when you get the music done? i check this site everyday when i come back from school and it's getting annoying if you know what i mean :)

heh sure, I'll try to remember

btw, i forgot to tell me my email. not much you can do without it can you? :) my e-mail is Thanks again

I'll make a note to do this for piano at a later time.
Just so you all know, my semester has come to an end at school, so I'll be preoccupied for a week or 2 with packing, traveling, and getting a job.

Fine, you have now translated nearly all halo-tracks i like, and you are very talented!
I miss only one track.
This one for piano (only).

Please, i beg, translate it!


PS: I really thought for the first 40 sec. that you uploaded the orginal track! Respect!

7 different perc maps? Is it just different instruments (for example claves on one and cowbell on another) or 7 differnt types of perc?

if possible could some one make a a trumpet(my main instrument) solo for "finish the fight"? It would very much appreciated. Also if it was made, i will try to play it at CMEA (California Music Educator Association) music festival(that is assuming i dont get disqualified). any way it would still be fun to play this.

Dude this is amazing. ive tried to wright it but sounded like horrible. im really lookin forward to this.

i must agree with mtl171. if you could add a trumpet solo that would be amazing. go trumpets!!!

also if you could, could you email it to me when its done? i would greatly appreciate it. my email is

When your're done could you email me at I check every couple of days and it's starting to get to me.

I almost had a breakdown today when Finale crashed on me while working on this song, making the file corrupt. BUT, thank god for Mac's Time Machine app -I was able to restore the file from 10min earlier...

It's about 80% complete btw.

See, you've got the first thing right already. Workin' on a mac. High five to you! No way you could have done that in Windows... ;)

that may be true, but in windows, it never would have crashed in the first place.

I cant wait to see this piece, It really is amazingly similar to the original. Gonna try to transcribe it to piano, with the help of a composer. Never could do something like this by my self. lol

Ah, that would be fine :D

Yep, Mac's the way to go.

I dunno, I used to use Finale on Windows -had similar issues. I don't think there will ever be a "perfect" OS.
[i]*Besides the no pop-ups, viruses, blue-screens of death, and ugliness that Macs don't have. cough cough*[/i]

90% percent done -so close! Just writing optional parts and fine tuning.

[b]Part Update:[/b]

Flute (2)
Oboe (2)
Clarinet (2)
Bass Clarinet [i](opt.)[/i]
Bassoon (2)
Horn (3)
Trumpet (3)
Trombone (2)
Bass Trombone
Baritone [i](opt.)[/i]
Percussion (7)
[i] - Timpani
- Bass Drum
- Cymbal
- Snare Drum
- Anvil
- Tubular Bells
- Toms/other[/i]
Choir (S/A/T/B)
Violin (2)
Viola (2)
Violoncello (2)

[quote=Jonathan Churchill][b]Part Update:[/b]

Flute (2)
Oboe (2)
Clarinet (2)
Bass Clarinet [i](opt.)[/i]
Bassoon (2)
Horn (3)
Trumpet (3)
Trombone (2)
Bass Trombone
Baritone [i](opt.)[/i]
Percussion (7)
[i] - Timpani
- Bass Drum
- Cymbal
- Snare Drum
- Anvil
- Tubular Bells
- Toms/other[/i]
Choir (S/A/T/B)
Violin (2)
Viola (2)
Violoncello (2)


But all you have to do is spend 5 minutes to turn off those features and download AVG. (AVG v8 Free Edition is out by the way)

I'm really looking forward to this.

You've obviously put in a bunch of effort for nothing but the praises from the few of us. Thanks!

Yeah, no problem -I love doing this stuff! :P
I also use AVG on my XP OS, it's great.

[b]It's done![/b]

(I ended up not doing the optional parts)


One world - amazing.

dude can i have the music to plz

[quote=Anonymous]dude can i have the music to plz

Please read the thread, the answer is already there:

Rampant for over se7en years.

I think Narcogen is about to pull out all of his hair...

Anyways, here I am to fix the piano part (again, lol)
I already showed you that so that you would play the high E with the right pinky during the whole "Duhhh Duh Duhhhhhhhhhh Duhhhh Duhhhh" right?

Well, I noticed that, the LEFT pinky plays a low E the whole way through (not held down; with all the other notes).
You can see it about 50 seconds into the video.

Sorry I didn't notice that the first time.

[quote=Frye7]I think Narcogen is about to pull out all of his hair....[/quote]

Hehe... no, I'm fine. I'm starting to look for a way to make the note appear on EVERY page, though... but that does seem a bit overkill.

Rampant for over se7en years.

Ok, perhaps I can finally come up with a solution that helps everybody.

People who can't download either don't have accounts, haven't logged into their accounts, or have an account which is considered "unconfirmed" by the site because the confirmation message the site sent out wasn't received-- meaning the user didn't click the link to confirm their email address.

I've seen so many sites use exactly that kind of setup that I thought just about everyone was familiar with it, but perhaps not.

In any case, if a user is not logged in, then there will be a block in the top left corner, just below the login/register link, warning them that they cannot download anything without signing up.

If they have signed up and logged in, but haven't clicked the confirmation link, then a similar box will appear in the same place, telling them that this is the case, and what they can do about it.

Those blocks will appear ONLY for those users, but on EVERY single page.

Hopefully this will help out the people who need help without bothering all the other users on the site with constant links to the download info :)

Rampant for over se7en years.

Ok great, that sounds good.

And Frye...thank you for catching yet another blip for me :P lol. I actually had it written correctly on my original Logic file, but forgot to add some notes when I re-wrote it into Finale. I'll make sure to get that fixed...
Thanks this is so impressive. It is truly a work of art in itself. How anyone could arrange this song this well is beyond me.

First of all, you've done an excellent job from what I've seen (I've printed out your One Final Effort). Since you do such a great job transcribing, I was wondering if you might be willing to work on the piece "Luck", the first one during the "Arrival" scene. That's one that I'd really like to have.


u should add a mus file

I just found this site and I dont know how to get the music. Help! (Please!)

Look up

sorry bout this
[quote=Anonymous]I just found this site and I dont know how to get the music. Help! (Please!)[/quote]
i hadnt read the whole page when i asked

np, we get that a lot

Very, very nice. What sort of synth or soundbank did you use for the strings? Because they sound really nice. As well i think the some of the levels were a bit off but that is not really something we are focusing on here. I think you nailed all of the music correctly cause it sounds great. And great job!

P.S. So you used finale for this? I never was much of a finale fan and I pretty much stick to Sibelius.

Hey thanks,
I do all of my sequencing in Logic first. The string patches came from the Garageband Orchestral Jam Pack -actually a very nice set.
Yeah, some of the levels are off because I had to compensate to make all of the instruments sound alike, and this song took for ever! hah.
But I just recently got the Vienna Library, and nothing compares to how real these samples are -they are definitely the cream of the crop. So I've been doing all my new realizations with the Vienna patches and it has brought my music creating to a whole new level.
I love Sibelius for it's user-interface... I actually need to re-download it and start using it again because I like it. I'm just so used to Finale, and I feel that Finale is a bit more professional and has a tad more to offer -it can be soo annoying at times though. Plus, as a Commercial/Electronic music major I have to take a Finale class
But thanks again for your compliments! Do you have any music you've done that you could share with me?

dude holy crap that was so amazing it sounded just like the original. How do you get such good sounding instruments?

OOOOHHHHHH MMMYYYYY GGGGOOOODDDD , it is great, the entrance of the chords in the middle, everything!!!!!!! COOOL CONGRATS!!!!!!

omg excellent piece of work. If you transcribed it for the piano it would be greatly appreciated.

Absolutely awesome. Now we need the full One Final Effort score!

its good i found this site

but i cant seem to download ur music sheet

if u can.........can u please email the music for all the violin parts to me please?? my email is:

this music is from the warthog run music in halo 3 rite?? u know...the last level's ending's music?? (i think its that)

please i need the music ASAP


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WTF!dude seriously STFU! ur nasty

awesome job
a trascription to piano would be cool though cause im not exactly a full orchestra :)

can you get this is finale format? the finale format supports *.mus and *.mid

Wow! That must have taken you forever. The transcription seems pretty accurate, although I haven't really examined it that much. However may I make a few suggestions about the format/orchestration? I think you should combine the cymbals and anvil on the same line, they don't need their own line. For instance, make all of that Percussion 1. And then Percussion 2 will be the Tom Toms and then Percussion 3 can be snare/bassdrum. Just a suggestion. Another way to help you score this is to look at the footage they released of the orchestra: You'll notice, there is only one tom tom player, you may also notice that the bass drummer switches to snare. Also, you should make the Alto and Soprano on the same line, and Tenor and Bass on the same line, and make that be "Chorus" as one orchestra part. Also, I think you should fix the cymbal part, it doesn't seem right. There's no way the cymbal player can switch that fast at 40 to 41. But I also realize that you have a life, and don't need to make everything perfect. If you want, I can send you some original full orchestra scores of John Williams, that has a really nice layout. Email me if you're interested.

finale format would be nice. the recognition app. i use can't read this properly!
ISFR captain

This is SO COOL!! if only i have a 100 member band to it with me....oh well...YEA HALO 3!

I can't open the PDF's, or the MIDI... screengrab the PDF's, please

hey, if you get the time, can you arrange this for a small wind band? i would really appreciate it. :)